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Our Foundation Mission & Commitment

Our Health Mission

Our Mission: Nurse Dee Foundation, minority youth focused on inspiring, on empowering, on helping, to eradicate disparities in underserved communities. By providing youth outreach services that cultivates the next generation of responsible leaders forcing on providing educational enrichment, mentoring, life transformation skills and global service initiatives. We strive to be the change-agent fostering excellence in the areas of education, health, and social well-being in urban and diverse communities; ensuring that the needs of the targeted communities are met.

Nurse Dee Foundation,

We believe if everyone is given equal opportunity everyone benefits. When you know better you do better. 

Goals & Values


Our Values: Our global commitment to sustainable healthcare awareness and development, enshrined in the health awareness, education, regardless of psychosocial dynamics 

Our Goals: Sustainable Development Goals our goal is to individually assess underserved, underprivileged communities youth awareness and develop a unique approach to social, economic and political determinants of health and wellbeing of underserved, underprivileged communities.